The DemClinic Program 

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disease of the brain

DemClinic is a unique online and offline hybrid program designed to help persons with dementia and their families meet the complex medical, behavioral, and social needs of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. The program offers regular online consultation with Dementia care experts, development of a personalized care plan, home-based interventions through teleconferencing, regular monitoring and follow-up, management of crises, along with training and guidance to help you provide the best care for your loved ones.

A team of Dementia Care Specialists including psychiatrists, geriatricians, psychologists and allied health professionals are at the heart of the program and work together to provide person-centered care for people with dementia emphasizing the importance of caring for all aspects of a person's well-being - physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Core Components


Free Online Memory Screening

Cognitive screening helps assess risk of memory issues in the elderly. The screening consists of a series of questions designed to test memory, language, thinking ability and intellectual functions.

Memory Screening on DemClinic


Consultation with Dementia Expert

Face-to-face consultation with a Psychiatrist or Geriatrician for persons with severe memory loss or dementia. Detailed evaluation and treatment plan are developed in consultation with the family.

Consult with Dementia Care Specialists on DemClinic


Personalized Care Plan for PwD

A personalized care plan for the person with Dementia to manage them at home is developed. The care plan concentrates on retaining abilities and promotes meaningful engagement to improve the quality of life.

The Nightingales Medical Trust team creates a customized care plan for your loved ones


Home-based Interventions

A social worker visits the home to assist in implementing the care plan, evaluate the home environment and plan appropriate interventions suited for the person with Dementia.

A social worker from NIghtingales Medical Trust helps in creating a Dementia-friendly environment in your home



The family is provided support through regular phone calls and through the use of video-conferencing to monitor the effectiveness of the care plan and to make appropriate modifications, if necessary.

Monitoring through video and phone calls on DemClinic


Crisis Management

Telephonic support at times of crisis and help with managing difficult behaviours are provided as and when required. The DemClinic team can also help clarify doubts about Dementia and the treatment process.

DemClinic team helps in Crisis Management


Training and Guidance

Taking care of a person with dementia can be complex. With a better understanding of treatment and care, there is scope to make improvements in the quality of life for people who are affected.

Training and Guidance on DemClinic

How to avail the DemClinic Program



Click Here or call us on 080-42426565


We will arrange a face-to-face consultation with our Dementia Care Expert. You can see the Panel of Experts Here


Detailed neuro-psychological assessment is done and a Care Plan is developed


Access to our care package to help you and your loved one across the journey of dementia care 

DemClinic Support Package includes:

One face-to-face consultation with Geriatric Psychiatrist every Quarter

One home visit by Social Worker every quarter

Care Plan personalized for the person under your care based on the evaluation

Toolkit for home management

Monthly follow up phone calls and/or online support by dementia care professional

Crisis Management assistance

Training and guidance

To avail the benefits of NMT's DemClinic Program,
or for a Free Online Memory Screening