DemLink App

DemLink is a free app that helps users to learn more about Dementia, as well as get the help needed to care for their loved ones. It also helps in engaging persons with Dementia at home through meaningful activities and games.

Free Self Screening

This app enables the user to screen themselves or their loved ones in the privacy of a home. 


Fix Appointment

The app can enable to detect the symptoms early and this can then be followed up with a consultation with a Dementia Care Expert.


Chat with an Expert

The app also enables care providers to keep in touch with Dementia specialists through quick chats.


DemLink App by Nightingales Medical Trust helps in caring for Person with Dementia at Home


Brain Games & Activities

Managing Persons with Dementia at home is assisted by activities available on the app. Brain games help to engage on a regular basis, while new activities are shared everyday. Reminiscence album can help keep old memories alive.


Learn about Dementia

Read more about Dementia and learn about how you can get help, or volunteer to help.


Community of Carers

Caregivers can connect with each other to create a strong caring community. This can be useful when it comes to lobbying with lawmakers for reforms and laws. It can also help in tackling crisis situations and comparing notes on products which can help enhance care.

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